Remote Imaging from the Sierra Nevada Mountains


Since first light in May of 2007, SRO has continuously operated multiple roll off roof observatories for both professional research and amateur imaging. There are 8 individual observatories which each house one or two telescopes and a larger observatory which houses 14 telescopes of various sizes, ranging from a 24” RC to smaller refractors. The larger observatory is uniquely designed with a generous 9 foot ceiling, making any contact of the ceiling and telescope virtually impossible, regardless of the position of the telescope. Machine shop services, technical personnel and onsite repairs are available. Most problems can be repaired on site within 24-48 hours, with emergency services available whenever necessary. All the observatories are constructed with elevated wood sub floors, designed to minimizing thermal contamination.

Internet Connection

Broad Band Fiber Optic Internet Access
To run a remote observatory efficiently, a fast and reliable high-speed internet connection is essential. We are one of the few remote astronomy sites to have broad band fiber optic internet service. A fiber optic connection is extremely rare up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.